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Terms of Service (TOS)

Visiting Nibyx means that User accepts the given Terms.

-- User Agreement --
The User takes all the responsibility for all actions on the site. Nibyx is not liable for the User's actions such as providing invalid (ineffective) information on prices, transaction amount etc., as well as for non-availability of the Web-site and possible system failures.

-- Cryptocurrencies --
Cryptocurrency list is determined by Nibyx and can be changed at any time.

Nibyx is not responsible for any occurring losses related to the coins, such as authorized and non-authorized transactions as well as for possible failures in cryptocurrency networks performances. We reserve the right to change your balance at any time we judge your balance is invalid.

-- Market --
List of cryptocurrency pairs of trade can be changed at any time by Nibyx.

The user conducts transactions on his own risk and undertakes full responsibility for his/her feasibility. All the transactions are considered final and irrevocable. Return of funds to the initial state after the transactions are closed is not forseen

-- Rules of Deposit --
Funds deposit is made to the special cryptocurrency wallet that is unique for each user. To obtain deposit wallet, the User can click in (+) in the line of the wanted coin, in the Funds page. After transferring funds to the given address, the balance deposit is fulfilled automatically after obtaining required quantity of confirmations depending on the currency type. Real confirmation quantity is fixed to 5, and can be changed at any time by Nibyx. Until required quantity of confirmations is obtained, funds remain pending and cannot be used.

-- Rules of Withdraw --
The User can request to withdraw funds on Funds page by clicking (-) in the line of the wanted coin. System will ask for wallet Address (which the coins will be send to) and Amount. The withdraw fee is fixed for every coin, and can be checked in the Wallets page. The amount needed to withdraw is calculated by (Amount Requested + Withdraw Fee). Only the Amount Requested will be sent to the User's wallet (Withdraw Address).
To withdraw funds the User should have an amount sufficient for coin transfer and fee payment in his wallet.
In case of complaints from payment system (burglary, theft and money laundering) Nibyx has the right to freeze the account and request documents verification
The User undertakes full responsibility for providing invalid withdrawal address resulting in possible financial losses. In such cases Nibyx doest not fulfill repeated withdrawal.

-- Rules of rounding during calculations --
All the Stock Exchange transaction calculations are conducted accurate to the 8th decimal place. Any values after this decimal place will be ignored.

-- Rules of changes in the give policy, agreements and terms --
The given rules can be changed by the Stock Exchange administration on a unilateral basis. Any changes are published at the given page. The User is obligated to check changes of rules and terms by himself while working with the Stock Exchange.


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